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Following any of these blogs can provide vital knowledge on playing golf and where to find the best Country Clubs and golf courses in the UK. The blogs on this list post new articles frequently to provide the most recent updates and news.

UK Golf Guy –

The UK Golf Guy Blog is dedicated to providing golfers in the UK with up-to-date information on all the best golf courses and country clubs in the UK. By visiting this blog, it is easy to plan a golf trip to see the most renowned courses in Europe and the UK.

David Short Golf Blog –

This blog by David Short was created in 2013 and posts regular updates on golfing advice. The blog has been helping clients improve their golf and enjoy the sport while becoming more inspired and learning about all the best locations to play in the UK. They provide information on the latest golf news, events, tips, and more.

Women & Golf Magazine –

Women & Golf is the leading women’s golf magazine in the UK. It’s a valuable source of information for women playing the game of golf and discovering the sport to its fullest. The blog was established in 2013 and posts about 10 articles per week.