How to Bet on Golf in the UK

Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world and it all started in the UK in the 1800s. It has become a popular way of betting for many sports fans and even more for golf players. With betting now being available on various platforms including mobile phones, it’s easier than ever to bet on any tournament or championship while visiting the golf club.

UK betting site Bet Target provides a variety of ways to bet on golf which will be detailed in this article.

Post image How to Bet on Golf in the UK Outright Result Betting - How to Bet on Golf in the UK

Outright Result Betting

Outright result betting is one of the most popular ways of betting on golf. This form of betting works easily with the bettor selecting who they think will win a tournament. Most outright bets can easily include decent odds. Even without any experience in outright result betting, it is easy to play and relax.

Top Finish Bets

Top finish bets are usually used by betting on a player to finish in the top 5 at the end of 18 or 36 holes. Sometimes bettors can also bet on a player finishing in the top 5 at the end of the tournament which is set at 72 holes. Depending on the sportsbook used, there are various ways of using top finish betting.

Group Betting

Group betting assists a bettor to bet on a much smaller field than usually found at tournaments. With group betting, the winner is the player with the lowest score and the highest ranking at the end of the tournament. These bets can be placed over 18 holes or over the whole tournament.

Although it’s a less popular way to bet on golf, some sportsbooks offer enhanced odds promotions for group bets.

Visiting Bet Target, one can easily enjoy some of the best betting methods available in the UK.