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Whitehall Golf Club is dedicated to the latest news surrounding events and championships in the sport of golf and the best country clubs to play at in South Wales. By visiting frequently, all readers will be able to stay up to date on all the latest news in open golf tournaments and championships and even some history on UK golf.

South Wales is seen as one of the top destinations for golf breaks in the UK. The golf courses in Wales are seen as some of the best in the UK and provide some of the most intriguing and exciting playing atmospheres. By visiting Wales for a golf break, one can enjoy the wide-open golf courses with beautiful scenic views and a relaxed atmosphere.

The country clubs and golf resorts in South Wales have hosted some of the premier championships and tournaments in in the world and is constantly putting in more effort and dedication to golf fans and players with innovative and exciting courses.

Wales can record its first golf course in the 1880s and now has over 200 country clubs to visit. The first amateur golf competition was hosted in 1895 and the first professional championship in 1904. The history of golf in South Wales is rich with memorable moments and accomplishments by its players, clubs, and tournaments.

By visiting or touring through South Wales to play golf, anybody will be astonished to hear about all the legendary players from South Wales including Dai Rees who won the European Ryder Cup on two occasions. Some of the other well-known players from Wales include Stephen Dodd, Bradley Dredge, and Bert Hodson.

With the rich history involved with golf in South Wales, one can expect a lot of golf enthusiasts and players taking part in club events and tournaments with passion for the game.

Visit frequently for more information on golf in South Wales and how to find some of the top-rated country clubs and courses.